"I never thought of myself as a writer, just someone with a big story to tell. I'm here to prove that sometimes the apple falls very far from the tree. Don't get me wrong -  I'm no angel, ask anyone who knows me, but I had to get completely lost so I could find myself."

- Adrian Simon, author Milk-Blood: A Father's Choice, the Family's Price and Unbreaking the Girl: A Novel.

With a career springing from spruiking outside nightclubs in Corfu, to becoming the assistant to the Chief Political Correspondent at Sky News, London, it’s fair to say Adrian Simon has been around.

These collected experiences and many more, have led Adrian into the fields of writing and public speaking. Using these as vehicles, he has been able to reach a wide audience, enlightening, as well as entertaining with stories from his childhood and early adulthood (as chronicled in Milk-Blood: A Father's Choice, the Family's Price). Adrian's debut novel was published in October 2018, and is currently being adapted for film.

Sharing a stage with Richard Glover; Rosie Waterland and Tim Elliot at the Sydney Writers’ Festival ‘16, Adrian has most recently been rubbing shoulders with Stephen Fry and Jo Malone at the Festival of Marketing , hosted by Centaur Media in London.

Going forward, Adrian is now a founding director of Naked Eye Creative, a multi-media production and publishing company, with the express goal of taking his books off the page and onto the screen. For more information on Naked Eye Creative, please click here.