My Story – Adrian Simon

When I was barely two years old my dad, Warren Fellows, was arrested in Bangkok, attempting to bring 8.5 kilograms of heroin into Australia. Subsequently, he faced the death penalty; made international news, and destroyed the stability of my whole family.

Most of all my father broke my heart.

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After traveling for over a decade I returned needing clarity and answers to the past. This is when I started piecing it all together. Some doors are best not opened, and some truths are devastating. But I had to. In a sense I weave the threads of my family’s history together to understand and piece the fabric of mine.

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TM: What’s the significance of the title?

AS: ‘Milk-Blood,’ is I suppose a touch of Tarantino, or Breaking Bad. Underneath the marketing lies a deeper meaning. The title of my father’s book was lifted from the Neil Young song, The Needle and the Damage Done.

Terrific and fitting lyrics, as into the song he sings about the act of 'Milk-Blood': when a heroin addict decants their own blood loaded with the drug after injection to save some stash as insurance. Wait for it… it get’s sicker! They’ve even been known to decant other people’s blood while they are overdosing! That’s how desperate an addict can get. Doesn’t paint a pretty picture. The sick irony is, my father was an international heroin dealer, who when locked up became a user, then sank to the bottom of the desperate pit. I found out the hard way, years after his release, he used me and the people close to him for his own benefit. I had become his insurance to use.

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